Back to 10 years ago, Football WorldCup staged on Germany.Home team Germany and Former champion Brazil was favourite at beginning at the tournament.But defeated these two teams,Italy and France reached the final.

        Tew teams had great footballers,France gad Midfield maestro Zidane,striker Henry, Midfielder Ribery ,Malouda,while  Italy had Tony,Totto,Pirlo and "Italian wall" Goalkeeper Buffon.

      20 minutes after the match starts,France got a penalty from Italy defender Marco Matarrazzis tackled in penalty box and Zidane didn't miss the penalty and the score 1-0.Several minutes after the penalty Matarazzi levelled the score .

As the time passed,two sides got several chances ,but They didn't convert that a goal.The clock was ticking towards 90 minutes and that famous incident was take place.Referre wasn't notice that incident ,4th official observed that and referred to referee.In screen ,the whole world saw that ,Matarazzi and zidane walked together.Matarazzi murmured something and Zidane after took couple of steps,returned to defender Matarazzi and Headbutted his chest.

     Materazzo grounded and zidane get red card.France supported in staduis shocked. The match extended to penalty shootout,because of 1-1score,and Italy won the world cup in penalty shootout.

Many reporters ,news channel analyzed that incident ,what Matarazzi said that provoked Zidane top provoked for that work.


Failure a word which are common to all of us but it teaches a life best lesson to a person who are not serious enough for his\her life.for some peson its only a word but for some person its an opportunity to grow .Grown not only learning from achievement but also from failure best they teaches a person best thing in life.' there is famous quotes'' a person learn from mistakes '' becouse these are apportunity to learn from mistakes and make your plan better to achieve succes .


Composure is the main thing you look in a midfielder and when you see zizou you say he is the epitomy of calmness but there is a slight second when you loose your cool and break dreams of billions who want you to lift the trophy for them. No one can take anything against his family even if it's just to pamper you and instead of ignoring if you take action and red is shown it surely headbutts your dream.