Anything done by choice is beautiful, good and full of happiness. But can we do everything that we want? 

Human is a social animal, we live in a society and form relations. Sometimes to fulfill the expectations of a dear one or sometimes due to societal pressure, we are forced to do things that we don't like. 

Maybe, a force can be tolerated upto a certain amount. However when the level of the force increases, it becomes fatal. 

In today's world, everyone is trying to get past the other in the rat race. And because of that, we are forcing our limits, until we forget what we actually want. Gradually, the force and pressure are overpowering our souls.

Death is not only the biological death. Extreme force leads to the death of our contentment, our dreams, our happiness, our weirdness and all these finally leads to the slow death of our inner souls. 

It's just a soulless body that functions rather than lives! 


"Books" are the best friends of humans. They dwell in mind and brains even after we force ourselves not to cling to them. "knowledge is power" , we are nothing without knowledge. A knowledgable person without financial support is more powerful than a rich sicked-mind person. But world change in seconds and mistakes are seen earlier than success. "Sometimes it's not the situation that changes, it's the mask that falls off". And there begins the pros and cons, 
Situations and Paths are different for different people. Some sees their world in books and get motivated but some wants to write books about their world. There are many things apart from books, apart from academics that can make a person feel alive. The situations which try to control a person can succeed till the person don't react. In the advanced technogical world, the one who denies to move along always stay back is a totally wrong concept.

"The one who is forced to cling to things that he deny to achieve is the one who stays back."

The "democratic" pressure created by the people, for the people and to the people imprisons the person. There are no-where his own decisions, he continuosly study under the pressure created by the people for what will they say if he won't study and lastly he won't have anything to show-off if he won't keep studying. 

But the truth is the moral integrity dies of such person and he is no longer himself. He is just like a working machine which people are driving according to their needs. My question lies in, "what's the use of such study, which kills the inner YOU?" The study would be useless that creates piles of bricks named "Stress"  on one's head rather than stairs named "Success".

Competition is the root cause for this. World is so busy getting ahead in race that everything else goes aside in it.People become blind in the name of money. The one who ditch this rat race is considered a curse, useless fellow. The one who comes first is the only successful person is a pillared mentality of people. And all the forces of universe converges it's power to make the person follow their dream. And the person's dream is given no value at all.

"Working days and nights under rods is taking roots all over the world"  

The only way to get out of this is to follow the inner calling rather than following the demanding world. Beating one's own records and moving forward is the best way to deal with such situation.









Now a days stress has become a integeral part of our life . A little stress has become unavoidable and good too, foe the complacement in life. But too much stress among the students and youth , it become hartnut to crack.

Due to mordernisation and materialism , stress has deepen it's roots deep into our Indian society and spreading it's ill effect to all the production sector of the nation. 

A lots of homework, assignment completion deadline and a tough competion has made the students life and their parents edgy. They work hard burns midnight oil day and night just to accomplish their desired goals at any cost but they don't know it costs in impair of mental health and physical health.

Yes , students studying in the closed shell of the room with pills of books and question paper couple with stress leads to mental pressure and bad impact on the eyes and mind.Sometimes it's peers pressure and parents exectation goes beyond the limit that it ultimately stretches the nerves of a students alond with deprive them from joy the living life to the fullest. 

Children spending thier whole day in tution classes and preparing for stiff competion putting thousands and lakhs of money having no contact with the outside world  has made students  " A Livind Dead Body",

But sometimes ,this stresss takes a vigarious step that even cost through their life. Yes, academic failure,losing parents expectation and lack of happiness also force them to commit suicide or harm other for their own benefit. This is nothing but the impact of stress or tension that has ruin their life at an incurable stage. 

Now it's time to cry loud for our rights , for changing this educational system and quality of education.

Parents and peers need counceling and advice to understand their children and let them do in what they are interested in. Do whatever is their passion and within apptitude.They should be taught that failure is not the end of life, its is a golden chance to improve our self and stand again in the crowed . 

 Schools and colleges should promote extra curriculam activities in academic year and have various councelling classes for students . All this small steps can pave the way for a big change. Thus we would have graduates with quality mind not fake certificates.One more thing never forget that "slow and steady wins the race".

summer program applicant (Mansi Patel)