Is the glass half full or half empty? Some people will say its half full, some will think that it’s half empty; and then we tag people who think the glass is half full as ‘optimistic’ and those who find the glass as half empty as ‘pessimistic’.  In reality the glass is not empty or full, but it’s our point of view which makes all the difference.

We always attach a meaning to the events which happens in our life and the meaning itself decides the fate of further chain of events. In spite of getting every good thing in life, many a times we are not happy and satisfied, but there are some souls who have an altogether different approach towards their life, irrespective of the situation which they are in. Some are handicapped, some are poor, helpless. We let a sigh, feel sorry for them and somewhere in the corner of our heart thank the almighty for not being in the same situation as theirs. But their optimistic approach towards life, their grit to fight all odds, the never give up attitude displays the optimistic approach towards life.

Abraham Lincoln aptly describes the approach towards life through his famous quote, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

It’s up to us how we look at the glass of life, only then the emptiness will turn into opportunities and fullness will make us content with whatever we are having.