Always heard of a tree, enlightening the horde

which she could see, but could not afford

The tree taught chosen ones, but not all

delivering to selects, in spring and in fall

She was not chosen, but kept sun of hope inside her

with clouds of despair, sometimes making her shiver

she prayed and tried hard to get pass of the tree

in the end she got one, but not for free

Aaah irony but, she was old

tree refused her to sell its knowledge-gold

Tree was bound by system so she went home

but she was injected with this power called 'worm'

she liked the tree, but fostered social hatred 

she saved her pass, and raised her lad

The day came and she brought kid to tree

an ecstatic feeling of power and victory

she looked at the leaves, which enlighten the soul,

her kid was going to chew that and conquer them all

she looked at kid, watching roots of the tree

an intense gaze, constant and carefree

kid turned to her and asked to come close

she did come, and he explained the cause

he did not want to read, like the other folks

he wanted to water the tree, and keep the tree talk

power he held, seemed stronger than power she had

The boy fostered the tree, until he was dead

The Duo of power come hand in hand together

loved, bonded by eachother, in all season and all weather







The picture depicts a palm tree filled with money,a mother with a boy/girl and children around. It tells to me that our presence here is useless without having  spirituality in us.Our life is fulfilled by having that inner spirituality. In the picture the child's mom is telling him/her about where  the real happiness lies. The mother is telling the child that nothing is eternal.She is also telling that money does'nt matter for a happy living. The real happiness lies in inner beauty,having spiritual conscience and  finally a good character.The mother is describing the boy/girl that how the whole world goes mad for money by showing the example of other children in the surrounding who are not being parented by their parents and how they are running behind money.She is telling not to use money recklessly as it is difficult to earn and is really useful for others.She is telling how the world is behind money.To me money doesn't matter. Yes, in a true sense it is useful for something things but not everythying depends on  it.It just changes the way we live but not that our life ends here.Everyone will live but it just changes the way we live .To take in a  different sense it also expresses how the mother is telling the child that only knowledge doesn't make our life complete, having that inner touch with the world,compassion and love towards others will complete our life .How much ever knowledge we have it becomes useless if we don't have the qualities of a perfect human being.So the mother all this telling this to child to make him a better human being who will lead the world and complete his purpose of life.I think the mother is telling all this to the child under a tree as she thinks that she/he may also understand the purpose of life just as buddha understood his purpose of when he sat under a tree.This picture tells me this.

                                                 THANK YOU


Pretty flowers and tall grass dotted the countryside.The harsh winds of time blew and though you might expect the dust and grime of leaves, this was no ordinary storm.Manuscripts flew in the air as the tree shed its weight.For it was covered with sheets.You could say many a 'leaf' fell down from it.The ground littered with all this,it was a sight to see.Were they to get soiled like this?Was it their end?

All of a sudden there were children.Everywhere.Scrambling on all fours,picking up the sheets.There was desperation in their actions.They felt the urge to get dirty and collect all these priceless treasures that lay about.They sprawled about reading and trying to make sense.

But wait,one child stands in front of the tree.His head bowed,and face unseen,but somehow the boy does not look ashamed.Instead,he almost looks obedient.A female figure appears behind him.She puts her hands on his shoulders,as if to guide him further to the tree.

Looking at their attire,it seems that the lady and the boy are dressed better than the others,who look like urchins with their grass-stained clothes.

Also ,what was the different about this boy and the other kids can be seen in the way they react to the falling sheets.The boy did not run after the sheets the same way as the other kids did.He does not seem to want those as much as the others.You might ask yourself,when are people this desperate?It is ironic to note that it is when people do not have something,yet know its value.It means they go after it,not because they want it,but because they need it. 

Having witnessed the scene of the other kids running,the lady still doesn't encourage the boy to run after the papers.Her stance is significant of the fact that she wants him to be more willing to learn.After all,he is receiving an education whereas others have to struggle for it..

I can almost hear her think-that maybe,just maybe he would yearn for the education that others yearn for so much.Because very soon,he would grow up and he would need this.Time flies fast.