Standing over the carcass, of my own kind, to seek out freedom. That's what came to my twisted mind once I saw the picture!

Imagine a sentient tree. Would it, by any chance, stand on top of a boat made of wood and set sail in search of freedom?

It is a grotesque idea to kill one's own kind or oneself in the name of quest for achievement. But is it not the harsh reality of the day? Do we, Human Beings, not do this every day? We are in a world of cut throat competition and to achieve one's ambitions we have to slash several throats and climb the bodies hence reach the top! We are questing for different prizes. Some are looking for recognition, some are looking for materialistic wealth and several such varieties.

The question that bugs me is... "Was this brutality intended in our nature?"

"Survival of the fittest!" is the so called law of evolution according to Charles Darwin. But while trying to be the fittest, have we turned into monsters? Have we turned into stone cold killers? Have we given up the only characteristics that separates us from other animals, our Humanity?

We have tried to prove our intelligence! We have tried to prove that we are worthy of being at the top of the evolutionary chain! But while trying to do so, we have lost touch with the only thing that separates us from other animals!  We have lost our Humanity!

Hence to conclude, I'd just like to plead, beg if necessary, to my readers! Please! Dont give up on Humanity! Don't kill to build your stairs to the top!

Live a little! Love a lot!


The image below shows two perspective to every people. One which is just visible to the eye of every person just the image like it can be interpreted like it has a water surrounding around a boat which has a tree on it which can appear bizarre to some people for they know that trees dont grow on boats but soil. It will be impractical , crap or the artist knows the meaning thpe thing. So this goes the first type of seeing the picture.

But the one who sees the inner value, searches for a deeper meaning having a writer's mind or a poet's mind . One who thinks over the subject ,deeply into anything. One who sees into or goes inside it. This pictures depicts water all around it with the tree in a boat . So a boat is made of a tree. It can be told that the tree is the mother of the boat, when it ceases to exist , a new member is born . So here in this picture the boat is a child of the tree and the child is carrying around its parent with it. The water is where the boat dwells , it is its natural working environment and the banks are the home environment. They rest in their homes, that is the banks , but as every one has to go to work , it also has to go , but not everyone takes their parent to them. A parent is seen as different from its sibling,in terms of mindset, work etc.Every one just go themselves to the work leaving their parents behind , but here in this picture , it shows a good boat carrying around its parent with it nomatter whatever the conditions are, it has not left it's parent for they might feel lonely. The whole scenerio can be personified as a human being who is taking his parent , be it his mother or father . Here as the parent is getting too old, dies . The child starts to mature and gets independent. But here he is a good human to carrying his parent with him , no matter how incompetent the parent is. The water is his work place or the place or home around the workplace. He is not hesitant of bringing his parent there , not irrated or ashamed of it. The tree and boat both are wholely of same material but different size , just like the parent and child both have a amount of same genetic matter in them but their appearance may differ like the boat and the tree. But the appearance and the other arrangements does not stop the individual to be with his parent. His parent , here tree lives in land , the land is its living area and home both .it does not go around much. But its child has to go because it cant get work in the soil , it has to go to the waters to seek and do its job. It comes to home , to the soil to his parent for rest for a few moments but again he has to go to work . Here the child goes around with its parent so that it does not feel alone. This picture is a message to the youth for not leaving behind its parent and going elsewhere to work.even if you cant take them physically ,have them in your mind.help them when in need and take their information regularly .