There is a girl her name is July she is 7 years old this is her life story.  

she was born July 5 to great parents when she was 3 years old the found out that she has cancer. that was already bad she got 5 years to live. so today is her 8th birthday.  her last year to live. shes never really got to do something fun in her life because she was always in the hospital getting treated. her parents decided to take her to new york. it was the first time that July has been in a park. she went on the swing she felt alive free no pain relaxed not sacred. she was on that swing for 3 hours and it was the best 3 hours of her life. 2 months after the trip to new york she past away but at least she got to be a kid for 3 hours. 


In india there are still many places in which people think that girls are meant for doing household chores due to which they didntt get education ............

children of our ages are not learning but doing household chores due to their family pressure yes,this is true .....i like this picture because in this a girl child is free to do anything rather than staying at home andchores....i am not against that one should not help his or her mother  in doing her work but helping someone is different and forcing the one to do work is is very very important for us to understand the difference between the two....yes this  is true government had  compulsary primary education for c hildren but in many parts of the world it didntt matters at all ...Why should only girls face all the restrictions??there are also boys in this country Why they get all  the freedom??boys and girls both are human beings and both should have equal rights none is differ from last but not the least i would like to say that WE SHOULD GIVE A GIRL CHILD WINGS TO FLY.....



A dreary city in the background.Yellow light floods,parting the smoke to reach the ends of the Earth.

A city which in spite of so much light,seems devoid of people and the warmth that they bring.Everything seems motionless.Somehow the colors give the imagery the look of a city which has suffered a nuclear disaster.In our line of sight is a lone girl sitting on a swing.We don't see the world through her eyes.Her back towards us,pink top fluttering with the wind as she goes back and forth,back and forth.Her hair messed up as the winds blow.The chains aren't taut and she holds them loosely,sparking curiosity.Time spent like this seems very comfortable,and passes by soon.She is a reminiscence of childhood,a time when no one said anything about how to spend time.There were little constraints.Lots of quiet and calm. 

Hopefully in this world of constant humdrum,we are able to find moments of peace and relive tranquil junctures from the past.And maybe when we recharge ourselves,we could go back to the present,knowing that our past is always in the sky,and we can visit whenever we want..Our past passed with us being content and reminds us we should still aim to be.