Chained Forever

Its the 21st century that we're living in. We have almost mordernized ourselves naad are trying the level best to eradicate old social evils and other stuffs that the society doesn't permit us to do.

In this picture what I deduce from it is the alcohol abuse.People drink to socialize, ...

Sisyphus's end

The darkness crowds out whatever little light there was. The dark is comforting, and welcoming. I don't fear it.


It's the light I fear. Daylight takes me back to my impossible task, rolling a stone up that mountain. Daylight is damnation.


The dark welcomes me, an...

Trespass time with books

The clock might tick away, but as you traverse the pages of a book, the present world comes to a standstill as you are drawn into a universe of your own. Startling it is, how different combinations 26 odd looking characters has the potential to possibly bend the laws of space and time!

As the ...

Anonymity is the real freedom

The worst things in the world are often associated with a mob. Be it the 84 Sikh riots or the lynching of the  Babri Masjid . People believe they can unleash the demon within them when they are shrouded by the 'mob image' . They reveal their true self only when they know their identi...

Save it before it looses too much

The heart of the fruit is exposed. However, the pain it feels is not as lethal as it seems. It was opened to be rectified, but it seems worse than imagined. The anesthetics are still in effect. But for how long? The contents could leak out, the medicines could be rendered worthless if it is not s...

Traditional Office culture: Is it obsolete?

                 A Human mind is just like the small plantlet,where notonly  every new possibilities grooms, butalso it sees thousands of dreams, play with oceans of opportunity, enlighten wit...

Divine transactions

Some of us beleive in the fact that there is a higher being or force that controls the universe at a cellular level. And we have grown up associating this belief with certain things like a temple, a festival, a puja and many other things. The image shows a careful crafting of a divine celebration...

Avenge Women

The world has a long history of atrocities on women.
According to me the image shows the negativity among
women for men. The image of a girl going through a
trauma in the eyes of women depicts the memories of harsh
past in their heart. The women are crying on thinking about
their past. Now t...