Point of view matters the most

Is the glass half full or half empty? Some people will say its half full, some will think that it’s half empty; and then we tag people who think the glass is half full as ‘optimistic’ and those who find the glass as half empty as ‘pessimistic’.  In reality the g...

The turning point

Back to 10 years ago, Football WorldCup staged on Germany.Home team Germany and Former champion Brazil was favourite at beginning at the tournament.But defeated these two teams,Italy and France reached the final.

        Tew teams had great footballers,France gad Midfield m...

Hands of God

Strikers are known for there goals and why not because goals win you matches but if you think a striker can win you a match only by scoring with his foot maybe you are wrong. Hands are meant only for the goal keeper on the field but if you use them at the right time and obviously if luck favors y...

"Hope" is the thing with feathers...

Everyone has bad days. Some, worse than others.It feels like the universe is conspiring against you,like you hate everyone  (including and sometimes, especially, yourself), that the harsh reality is that things are never going to get better- they’re gonna keep getting worse and worse a...


Standing over the carcass, of my own kind, to seek out freedom. That's what came to my twisted mind once I saw the picture!

Imagine a sentient tree. Would it, by any chance, stand on top of a boat made of wood and set sail in search of freedom?

It is a grotesque idea...

Taste of Truth

"Books" are the best friends of humans. They dwell in mind and brains even after we force ourselves not to cling to them. "knowledge is power" , we are nothing without knowledge. A knowledgable person without financial support is more powerful than a rich sicked-mind...

Those 3 hours of happiness

There is a girl her name is July she is 7 years old this is her life story.  

she was born July 5 to great parents when she was 3 years old the found out that she has cancer. that was already bad she got 5 years to live. so today is her 8th birthday.  her last year to live....

Duo of Power

Always heard of a tree, enlightening the horde

which she could see, but could not afford

The tree taught chosen ones, but not all

delivering to selects, in spring and in fall

She was not chosen, but kept sun of hope inside her

with clouds of despair, sometimes making her ...