About Us


Qbox is an initiative-cum-startup started by BITS Pilani students which aims at solving the problem of lack of proper and professional writing experience by introducing a new concept of ‘Competitive Blogging’. Various competitions on blogging and writing will be hosted here. Qbox is a multi purpose platform. It can be used by learning students as well as professional bloggers. We provide a competitive blogging platform working to encourage writing among people. Competitions are the best way to get serious and genuinely indulge in structured process of achieving goals. Keeping this view in mind, Qbox organises 24x7 online writing competitions on it's website. (www.qbox.co.in) where users can participate and test their writing skills and get proper results over their performance.

Qlog and Ilog

Qlog is a question based competition in which actual blogging skills of bloggers will be tested as the question will require a descriptive answer which will be quite similar to a blog.

ILog is an image based blogging competition in which a writer can show his/her interpreting and imagining skills along with writing skills of course to write a description on the image based on his understanding.

The game

The participant can improve his writing skills by comparing his answer or interpretation with the top answers of the competition. Moreover, he can ask for expert review from the judge of the competition.

A good writer or blogger can use this platform for getting hired by participating in the competitions posted by companies.

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